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REKA is specialized in manufacturing complex high-quality decal printing. When using this method, the colors are first filtered through fine gauze and applied on transfer paper as a mirror image. This image is then laid on china, ceramics, glass or tiling and fired into the surface. REKA delivers first class decal prints to well-known companies all over the world.


L‘ART DE TABLE › REKA is located in the French department of Moselle just a few miles from the border of German Saarland. For more than 20 years we have been creating transfer pictures for use in the porcelain-industry. First-class quality standards are granted by years of experience in ceramic color printing.

QUALITY › Our prints are manufactured with selected materials and, of course, meet all legal health and environmental requirements. Resulting from a combination of expertise and professionalism the quality of REKA products will meet highest expectations.


  • First-class ceramic color printing
  • Special decals for dinnerware
  • Gastronomic interior (ceramics)
  • Development of designs and artwork
  • Color design and development of colors
  • Delivery of high quality tableware
  • Heat release foils
  • Ceramic logos and bar code identification inglaze and underglaze